Our Services

Financial Data Analysis

Space Coast Forensics can process financial data into a format for further analysis. We take information from bank statements, credit card statements, accounting system reports and other financial data. Then we process that data into a format that allows us to perform various forensic accounting analyses. Once this is complete, we present our findings in a report.

Forensic Accounting Services

Services include tracing the path of money and quantifying any losses suffered by clients due to a divorce, trust or estate dispute, embezzlement, partnership dispute or any other type of case. We provide our findings in a formal report. Its exhibits are usable by attorneys or law enforcement.

Case Management

We'll manage the flow of your case to perform our analysis and provide the relevant reports efficiently. This includes communicating with you and your attorneys throughout the engagement to ensure deadlines are met.

Litigation Support

We provide your legal team with the information necessary to represent your case from a financial perspective. We write our reports in a clear and concise manner, providing relevant, easy-to-follow exhibits usable in court. We can also provide expert witness testimony, if needed.